Time for a new sense of money!

It is human nature: to be free, to live well, to strive for more.

DSER is the think tank and software designer whose thoughts and dreams launch banking and financial investments into the future – new, different and all natural. For banks and financial companies. For investment consultants, asset managers and their customers. And most of all for people like you and me.

Portfolio management is our area of expertise. Banks, credit unions, international corporate banks, local family owned banks, financial advisors, independent financial advisors, and insurance companies are counted among our customers. The consultants’ and investors’ concerns are our concerns.

With smart software solutions and customized services, and with intuitive, interactive offers, we are already seeking and finding the answers to the financial issues of tomorrow. Banking needed to be reinvented!

It is in the DNA of the DSER: to go ahead of the pack, to see further, to make it better.

Our constant focus is research, development, and innovation. Founded in Görlitz in 2006 in the center of Europe, the spin-off from the technical university Zittau/Görlitz is on valuable course of growth and development. Especially with our new start-up niiio we want to set the FinTech market into motion in future. The founder and “leader of the pack” Johann Horch assembles 25 experienced specialists and continuously looks for new peers, who are able to think – and who want to think as well.

To secure the scientific quality and performance, the DSER steadily cooperates with different universities and chairs. Numerous certificates, awards and seals of quality prove the outstanding quality of DSER solutions. Highest quality, best counseling, fair prices.

Better Maker.

We raise your investment advisory processes to a new level. With munio 7.0: the first portfolio management software which helps you to think.

munio 7.0 simplifies banking, improves financial counseling – and improves the lives of investors.

Possible Maker.

We pave the way for the future of banking. With niiio: the first real finance community which will bring everyone together.

niiio creates a new sense of money. Natural, normal, safe, carefree. You will see!

Power partners.

We support our customers with the add-on services they need. Build on our existing solutions. And beyond.

Custom development, consulting, coaching, education, research & innovation.

Know-how Company.

We never stop striving to look for more, to look further, to lead the way into the future. That is what characterizes and pushes us.

Those who also strive for these things fit well into our team. Maybe we should get to know each other?

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