NEW Thinking, new banking – take the mystery out of your money


DSER is the think tank and software designer whose thoughts and dreams launch banking and financial investments into the future – new, different and all natural.

For banks and financial companies. For investment consultants, asset managers and their customers. And most of all for people like you and me.

With smart software solutions and customized services, and with intuitive, interactive offers, the DSER team, together with founder Johann Horch, is already seeking and finding the answers to the financial issues of tomorrow. Banking needed to be reinvented! Take the mystery out of your money!

Better Maker.

We raise your investment advisory processes to a new level. With munio 7.0: the first portfolio management software which helps you to think – our core product.

Possible Maker.

We are paving the way for the future of banking. With niiio: the first real finance community which will bring everyone together –our new FinTech start-up.


We support you with the add-on services you need: our solutions and beyond: custom development, consulting, coaching, education, research.


We will never stop to strive for more, to look further, to go ahead. It is in our DNA. That is what pushes us. Those who want the same fit into our team.

Are you searching for optimization?

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