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Private Wealth Management

Our solution components for private wealth management let you cater to individual processes with flexibility. They focus on digital asset management which you can adapt to different use cases with high precision. Monitoring features required by regulators, e.g., investment policies and loss thresholds, come integrated with our components, and there is an emphasis on the added value for clients.

Portfolio View

Transparent, event-based view and analysis functions let client portfolios be managed centrally. Based on them, portfolio managers as well as the back office can identify if there is any need for action and take care of it directly.



The monitoring solution module for private wealth management is an essential component for managing and monitoring client portfolios from the back office. Parameters that have been set can be adjusted at any time. Products and investment policies form part of it, just as individually agreed loss thresholds are, too.


Portfolio Modeling and Design

The portfolio design can incorporate a CIO’s specifications. It uses model portfolios as well as theme-based investment components which, optionally, can be expanded with individualized portfolio allocations for specific clients.

Rebalancing and Order Execution


With our rebalancing and order execution modules for wealth management, your asset management can be transformed into digital operations. Perform compliance checks as well as plausibility and causality checks for all your clients’ orders. Order post-processing and order approvals can be done for individual clients or all clients at the same time.

Fee Billing

The fee billing package allows automated calculations of asset management fees and automated bill delivery to the investor.

Custom billing types such as performance-based remuneration or AuM-based billing allow for efficient processes.

Bills can be sent to clients digitally as a PDF or, alternatively, printed out in hard copy and mailed to them.

Client Reporting

The client reporting module enables fully automated report compilation for financial-portfolio management. Alongside quarterly and loss threshold reports, it also produces ex-post cost reports that use individual report templates. For example, different elements can be integrated into the reports for different use cases and individual client requirements.

Ad hoc reports are naturally also available and can be used as support for conversations with clients based on the individual situation.


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