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Portfolio Management

The efficient solution for strategy-based work

Portfolio and risk managers are increasingly reliant on technical solutions in order to get around the increasing complexity of their tasks. OPUS provides an overall summary of all investment information that concerns your company – and in real time!

The solution includes a high-functioning, central portfolio management tool that lets users see a single-screen summary of all assets, outstanding positions, and associated risks and manage them. The ability to perform simulations and modeling simultaneously for numerous portfolios lets portfolio managers analyze all investment decisions in advance and check compliance with legal and risk requirements.

Risk Management


Risk monitoring is a constant and growing challenge for all financial controllers worldwide. The risk management module makes it possible to calculate enormous volumes of risk indicators at the press of a button, without interrupting any other system activities.


At a glance:

  • Real-time monitoring of investment limits
  • Separate analyses and backtesting for various fund classes
  • Integration of risk, VaR, and performance indicators
  • Calculation of risk and performance indicators for any time period
  • Value at Risk (VaR) methods: parametric, Monte Carlo, or Cornish Fisher
  • Liquidity risk considers inflows and outflows; estimated for different time periods
  • Calculation and evaluation of combined stress scenarios for assets and liabilities
  • Real-time NAV/portfolio evaluation and simulation

Order and Execution Management

High-efficiency data entry – electronically or manually – and processing for multi-asset order types:

All activities related to orders and their execution can be managed and monitored in real time. This not only enables, but also ensures an optimized order management process.

The order management module at a glance:

  • Import orders electronically or create them manually
  • Direct market access, care orders, or order algorithms
  • Adviser process
  • Pre-investment policy
  • Central order book with real-time view of order and trade statuses
  • Issue orders through FIX or alternative protocols
  • Execution feedback through FIX protocol
  • Execution confirmation through SWIFT or alternative protocols
  • Commission and fee management
  • All relevant data archived and full audit trail

Compliance Management


The most important component of any investment process is efficient risk monitoring and control. This requires a comprehensive compliance check that takes into account a wide variety of country-specific and regulatory requirements and the enormous range of fund-specific investment limits.
PATRONAS OPUS features a fully integrated, extremely high-performing Compliance Rules Engine (CRE) which ensures a highly rapid assessment of compliance and counterparty risks across numerous portfolios and portfolio positions simultaneously. It considers the company’s overall risk as well as all relevant indicators.
This efficient pre-trade check helps you to prevent potential breaches and overruns of your portfolios’ investment limits and to avoid lengthy discussions with audit firms and supervisory authorities. And that in turn reduces your risk and associated costs significantly. In short:

  • Implementation of an unlimited number of regulatory or fund-specific compliance specifications (UCITS, AIFMD), flexible configuration of investment limits
  • Risk calculation and assessment
    – Market risk (VaR, commitment, gross, sum of notionals, etc.)
    – Counterparty risk
    – Concentration risk
    – Liquidity risk
  • Monitoring of individual risk parameters
  • Full audit trail accessible at all times, e.g., during company audits. The transparency required of all transactions is guaranteed.

We offer an efficient solution for automating and structuring your asset management processes and for complying with all regulatory and fund-specific requirements.

Order Routing

These days, financial institutions (both buy- and sell-side), routing networks, and supervisory authorities worldwide use the FIX protocol to transmit and exchange orders and transaction information.

​However, the order routing module does not only use the FIX protocol to transmit pre- and post-trade messages. It also uses a range of alternative, non-FIX protocols. The complete process, starting with real-time data retrieval and continuing to order entry, execution monitoring, fee charges, and posting, runs fully automatically. It is managed using the PATRONAS OPUS order routing module.

One of its core components is the Multi-Protocol Messaging Platform, which can process several thousand messages per second. This messaging platform is fully scalable and can adapt to increasing requirements. The result is a rule-based, seamlessly integrated straight-through process and full transparency during the processing and management of your complete order flow.

An option for choosing your messaging protocol and an open interface architecture ensure flexible communication and maximum interoperability with internal and external counterparties and systems, for example with solutions for creating reports or measuring performance.



Reconciliation is one of the most important components of active portfolio and risk management. It involves all relevant information being data-matched and adjusted accordingly on a daily basis. This module provides a large number of existing interfaces for exchanging information between portfolio managers and relevant custodians and fund accountants. Fund accounting files can be imported via a standardized interface or through specific fund accounting interfaces and then reconciled.


Using the reporting module, you can offer your clients up-to-date information for a freely defined time period. Just a couple of clicks and the system will provide you with full access to all relevant fund data, either manually or automatically. This reduces the administrative burden significantly and minimizes your costs.

At a glance:

  • Compliance reporting
  • Dashboard for key indicators, e.g., for performance, statistics, etc.
  • All data available to download as an Excel file
  • API access for your reporting systems
  • Interfaces for regulatory reports
  • MiFID II transaction reporting (RTS22/RTS24)
  • MiFID II top-five execution venue reporting (RTS28)

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